Iarno Albrek ("Glasstaff")

Treacherous wizard, deceased


Iarno Albrek, also known as “Glasstaff”, was a human wizard and the direct leader of the Redbrands bandit gang.


He was a short, dark-bearded human wizard that was simply known to most as “Glasstaff” for his weapon of choice, a magical staff made of glass. Iarno was initially a member of the Lords’ Alliance, who was sent to the town of Phandalin to establish a constabulary (as the town did not have a powerful authority at the time). However, Iarno betrayed the Lords’ Alliance and formed the Redbrands to strong-arm the town. When the Heroes of Phandalin defeated the Redbrands, Iarno fled the town, going on to ally with, and eventually lead a group of goblins and hobgoblins to the north. Later, Iarno was hired by Lord Stefan Vallaincourt to assassinate Baron Redschoal for the sum of 1,000 gold pieces, but the attempt failed. He was eventually killed while trying to run away, after fighting on Vallaincourt’s side at the Battle of the Heroes of Phandalin.

Iarno Albrek ("Glasstaff")

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