Sarmaris the Foul

Drow Warlock


Sarmaris was once one of the most powerful Drow in the land. A warlock skilled with magic and the pact with the mighty Belial. He was known to be a force to be reckoned with. However, after killing his mentor in his sleep he was looked down upon by the Drow. He tried to take over the land of the Drow single handedly…while Drunk. After a humiliating defeat the left the land and spiraled in to alcoholism losing the majority of his power.

At one point he was hired by humans to burn down a forest to make room for crops…only to discover afterwards that it was populated with wood elves. When he demanded extra pay for the murders and was rejected, he killed all the children in the town who hired him. Since leaving the realms of dark elves he has become continuously more and more isolated. He would later discover that the wood elves evacuated before any could die and they titled him “Sarmaris the Foul.” He decided to run with it.

The last 50 years are relatively unremembered as they have been spent continuously intoxicated, with short breaks doing odd jobs (and possibly some assassinations) here and there to get more coin for ale. Sarmaris is known to forget that he has lost a great deal of his power and is not in fact the weapon of destruction he once was. He has begun travelling with the Baron on a quest to regain his old power…and then some more.

Sarmaris the Foul

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