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The story so far...
Recounting the rise of the Heroes of Phandalin

The story of the Heroes of Phandalin begins soon after the entrance to the Wave Echo Cave was discovered by Gundren Rockseeker and his two brothers. A dark elf known as The Black Spider, determined to plunder the cave of its riches, obtained the help of both the Cragmaw goblin tribe, and Iarno Albrek (“Glasstaff”) and his Redbrands to capture the dwarves and steal their map.

Fortunately, Gundren had hired a group of people in Neverwinter, originally to guard his wagon of supplies heading to Phandalin. This group helped recover Gundren’s friend Sildar Hallwinter from the Cragmaws, and soon after came to Phandalin to face the Redbrands. It was after the Redbrands were defeated, and Glasstaff was forced to leave the town, when the people of the settlement first began referring to the group as “The Heroes of Phandalin.”

The Heroes rescued Gundren from the Cragmaws, and entered Wave Echo Cave to discover the fabled mines of Phandelver within. In the end, the Black Spider and his henchmen were all defeated, and the mines lie in wait for reclamation. At this point, House Redschoal stepped up their efforts to secure a legal claim to Phandalin, which would also give them claim to the mines. One of the Heroes, Baron Ewan Redschoal, was to take over rulership of the city.

However, the rival House Vallaincourt had other ideas. While the Heroes were out of town, Lord Stefan Vallaincourt ordered his best knight, Sir Gunther Tarn (also known as The Forge) to march an army into Phandalin and sieze control. Vallaincourt was brutal and overbearing to the people of Phandalin until the Heroes finally returned and, with the help of one of the legendary Rods of Rulership, they won the Battle of the Heroes of Phandalin and freed the city. Sir Gunther’s life was spared, but Lord Vallaincourt was executed. When the new Lord Vallaincourt, Stefan’s younger brother Jadon Vallaincourt, was given the news, he immediately declared war on House Redschoal.

In the weeks following the battle, the Heroes took steps to secure Phandalin and bring prosperity to the town, including the hiring of a large company of dwarven mercenaries to guard and patrol the area, the construction of a new place of worship, and the restoration of a local tavern. Then one day, they left town once more. The rumors were that Sildar Hallwinter had come to ask them for aid, and that they were on their way to resolve a dire situation that threatened some villages to the east…


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